A hopeless romantic and multi-media specialist by heart, Memai (as her intimates call her) is one of ESTRAT Media Global’s key executive handling multi-media team’s internal productions.

Here is what Lorrie has to say about these questions

What is your Proudest Achievement to date?

When I graduated in college and learning skills that I haven’t expected that I will love.

What is your Working Principle?

My working principle is to exert the skills that I have and of course to learn and to grow more in the things that I’m working. I love to know many things and don’t just stay with the things that I already know. If I’m given a task that I don’t have an idea or experience.. I look for a ways to learn them just like watching videos or asking google. “Work with Passion”.

How do you spend your free time on weekends?

I spend my free time on weekends for relaxing, reading some articles, watching and practicing some graphic design or anything that I think that will expand my knowledge.

If I have USD 20.00 dollar, what would you do?

Buy a book or an online course.


  • Best in Multimedia
  • Best in Business Communication
  • Best in Web Development