Clever and witty in her own ways, you’ll definitely enjoy an engaging conversation with Kirkir. Determined to deliver exceptional materials to Estratmedia’s clients, Kirsten will always have an appetite for discovering ways to be more creative.

Here are Kirsten’s answers to our questions:

What is your Proudest Achievement to date?

Being able to pursue a career that I never thought I had a chance with.

What is your Working Principle?

Do what you love. Love what you do. Always welcome opportunities that will help you grow and become better than the person you were yesterday.

How do you spend your free time on weekends?

Spend quality time with loved ones, read books and have fun.

If I have USD 20.00 dollar, what would you do?

Save for the unexpected


  • Volunteer Youth Leader
  • Directed and Managed a Photo Exhibit
  • Event Organizer