Her prowess for the written words and the yet-to-manifest ideas makes her one of ESTRAT Media Global’s core leads managing our Community and Network. Her other side takes adventurous path’s in rediscovering sweets and pastry at her spare time.

Here are Kezia’s answers to our questions:

What is your Proudest Achievement to date?

Probably able to land a career that I can proudly say that I love where the possibilities of learning new things are infinite!

What is your Working Principle?

Work with PIE. Passion, Integrity and Effectivity. Everything else will just follow.

How do you spend your free time on weekends?

I always have free time as soon as I get my tasks and work done regardless what day in the week. Although #WifeDuties will always come first, my free time is usually spent on reading, movies, Pinterest or simply looking around for inspiration that might be helpful along the way.

If I have USD 20.00 dollar, what would you do?

Invest it to yield interest. But if I’m feeling impulsive, will definitely splurge over movies and good food! 🙂


  • Youth Leader for 6 Years
  • Managed and Facilitated Leadership Seminars
  • 4 years in the BPO Industry (Tech & Customer Service)
  • Event Organizer