The happy-go-lucky guy of Estratmedia who never runs out of stories to share. Gleen’s quirky ways sets a good mood for the team and his open-mindedness and dedication to learn as much as he can (esp in photography) makes him a great on-the-go companion.

Here are Gleen’s answers to our questions:

What is your Proudest Achievement to date?

That would be having a stable job, able to do things that I was not able to do before and able to help my family with their needs.

What is your Working Principle?

Always do good and enjoy what you do.

How do you spend your free time on weekends?

Going to places where I can relax and unwind. Bond with family and friends

If I have USD 20.00 dollar, what would you do?

I’ll buy something for myself or keep it as a souvenir. 😉