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Everybody is talking about social media. Anybody can do the publishing in social media. But the question remains: is your business or brand essentially rendering the social media management in strategic ways and methods?

eStratmedia holds a team of social media professionals who have, for years, delivered effective ways in relaying the right messaging to the right audience.

Our award-winning social media advocates have conducted pioneering works in the proliferation of social media for the effective use by and for businesses, brands and institutions. They have been hired as consultants for social media effectiveness in the planning and launching of social media campaigns.

The years and continuous learning of our social media professionals have attributed in the efficacy of message delivery and content publishing in various social media platforms.

Even more, our endeavours in social media management extend to optimization and monitoring.

You can’t go wrong in hiring social media professionals who have long omitted the practice of publishing mundane social media messaging resulting to mediocre or failed conversion.

eStratmedia only holds the right social media practitioners to bring the effective results.

Social Media Marketing

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Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more – these are just one of the many social media platforms that millions of people would visit everyday. These platforms are where you can basically gather and share information on just about anything there is to talk about. Because of the sheer volume of users present in these platforms, it had also become an untapped potential for businesses to prosper. Making use of these social platforms to promote one’s business to their respective audiences is what we call social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Services

Reaching out to your target audience and gaining more traffic on various social media platforms is the core of social media marketing. Because of its sharing function, a brand has the potential of reaching out to everyone in the world, so long as people are willing to share it. However, social media marketing is, just like any other digital marketing strategy, a double-edged blade. If you can’t execute it right, it can end up ruining your brand.

The first thing you’d want to do is to hire a credible marketing company that can support your social media marketing campaign. They can guide you through the way while not taking control of your social media account away from you. There are various services that can be offered. Some are as follows.

Social Media Consultations

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Depending on your marketing objectives, they will help you create a social marketing strategy to realize it.

Social Tone & Nature

Each brand has its own way of being promoted efficiently through social media. Your social media marketing firm should be able to determine which one would suit your brand best to make sure it is portrayed just the way you want it.

Brand Management

Making sure that your brand is well spread throughout various social media platforms by picking out the right usernames and profiles. They will also make sure that complaints and negative reviews about your brand can be ironed out and turned into positive ones.

Social Media Monitoring

They search the social media platforms, looking out for mentions of your brand and tell you if it is positive or not. If not noticed sooner, a criticism or a complaint will damage your online reputation. By monitoring the mentions of product on conversations, you’ll be able to contribute positive information to them if needed.

Social PR

Some marketing companies have connections with other bloggers, journalists and anyone who can potentially share your content through social media. They can ask them to make sure your content can be seen by everyone, regardless of whether they’re online or offline.

Social PPC

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Pay-per-click marketing isn’t limited to search engines and various PPC companies only. Social media like Facebook and Twitter also provide this. You can also use this to further increase the exposure of your brand.

Creating Discussions

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A social media marketing company can also help you drive conversations to your brand by starting one themselves. They can help post updates that can engage potential traffic into participating themselves.

Community Building & Management

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Aside from introducing you to people who can share your content, these companies can also help you identify and meet people who can be avid followers of your brand. These people will actively share your content throughout their own social circles.

Cross-Channel Promotion

Social media marketing shouldn’t be limited on a number of social platforms only. Your firm should know that and they should be able to make sure every content you’re sharing gets shared throughout the various networking sites.

More Services

These companies offer more services to you, and there are others that will also offer other varied services as well. But in a nutshell, these companies will make sure that your brand name will be spread across social media platforms, providing not only your social media pages but your brand website as well with the necessary traffic and leads it needs.

Social media marketing is not something you should be setting aside. It’s a proven marketing tactic and it continues to be an efficient marketing tool until now.


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